We cooperate with hotel chain operators, companies dealing with recycling and processing, disposal, waste and municipal waste management as well as corporations servicing commercial properties in the scope of distribution and sales of food products and restaurant services.

The service sector is treated as a priority in DNB group, industry experts are present both in the headquarters in Oslo and in the group's branches operating in the Nordic countries and in Eastern Europe. The service sector boasts a large potential of international cooperation, moreover, clear consolidation trends can be observed in certain sub-sectors.

DNB group has may years' experience in the service sector, it prepares sector reports and participates in international seminars and sector meetings.

We dedicate the following solutions to the service sector in particular:

  • loan products: revolving loans, investment loans, structural financing, project finance, M&A financing, syndicated loans,
  • transaction products: accounts for special purpose funds, payments and settlements, cash management, cash processing, payment cards, banking services,
  • financial market products: deposits, currency transactions, products hedging against the market risk, products hedging against the interest rate risk,
  • trade financing products: bank guarantees as collateral of domestic and foreign transactions; letters of credit (internal and export), collection, invoice discounting.