Public sector

Public sector

For 20 years (initially as Bank BISE) we have been cooperating with public sector entities, both communes and districts as well as other local government units and NFP organisations (not-for-profit) in terms of support for financial management. Since the beginning of our activities, the Bank has also been interested in public hospitals.

In cooperation with JST, we are one of few banks to offer consulting services in the scope of planning and managing local budgets. We are one of the first banks to conduct an issue of municipal bonds – so far we have conducted more than 250 issue programmes.

Our NFP Clients, including business support institutions, non-governmental organisations or research institutes, can count on a comprehensive offer of ongoing, credit or deposit services. We are the only bank in Poland to provide such entities with a full range of banking services, making it possible to manage their finances efficiently as well as subjectively assess their creditworthiness, based on the experience and knowledge of our Norwegian colleagues.

In the scope of financial services, DNB Bank Polska S.A. cooperates with several dozen public hospitals, financing both their ongoing operations and projects. We have granted bank guarantees to many public health projects performed with the use of aid funds. We present our experience in cooperation with the health system at congresses and workshops organised for the public health sector.

Our new waterfall model provides smooth ongoing service by Corporate Client Advisors in the Region on the one hand, and consultations with experts from the Public Sector Office on the other. We are present in the biggest cities in Poland and in all key regions. Our Experts have a wealth of industry experience in carrying out complex projects and financial engineering, moreover, they improve their qualifications on a regular basis by participating in as well as conducting specialist training courses.

We offer the following to our Clients:

  • service of current and auxiliary accounts,
  • investing surplus funds (deposits, savings accounts),
  • investment and revolving loans,
  • preparation and service of municipal bond issues,
  • bank guarantees.