• Overdraft facility

In order to finance companies' working capital needs DNB Bank Polska offers current account credit lines. Overdraft Facility terms and conditions are subject to individual negotiations and has been tailored to individual needs of the client.Overdraft facility is available in PLN, EUR and USD.

  • Investment loans

To finance investment projects DNB Bank Polska provides the Client with medium and long-term investment loans. Depending on the currency chosen PLN, EUR, USD, the interest rate may be float or be fixed for the entire crediting period. The terms and conditions are negotiated with the Client and tailored to individual needs,
financial situation and repayment abilities.


  • Syndicated loans

DNB Bank Polska creates credit consortia to finance large projects whose value requires the involvement of other banks. DNB Bank Polska organizes a banking consortium to provide such financing, utilizing its market knowledge and good relationships with other banks.

The Client negotiates the terms and conditions only with DNB Bank Polska
who represents the interests of all Consortium member - banks. DNB Bank Polska takes also part, as a member, in consortia which are organized by other banks.