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Management Board

Artur Tomaszewski - CEO and President of the Management Board

Artur Tomaszewski has been working in the banking sector already for over twenty years.
He has started his professional career in Invest Bank, later on he joined Wielkopolski Bank Kredytowy and since 1993 – Raiffeisen Bank Polska, first as the head of the Wielkopolska Region, later the head of Western Poland Macroregion and finally as the head of Corporate Banking area.
In 2004 Mr Tomaszewski has joined DNB Bank Polska as the board member supervising the Corporate Banking and Treasury area. President and CEO of DNB Bank Polska since April 2012. Member of the supervisory councils of DNB Bank Polska’s subsidiary companies (DNB Leasing Sp. z o.o., DNB Financial Services Sp. z o.o.).
Mr Tomaszewski graduated from IT Faculty at Poznań University of Technology. Has successfully completed the Master of Business Administration program at the Nottingham Trent University and AMP program at the University of Navarra, Barcelona, Spain. 

Krzysztof Miłachowski - Member of the Management Board

Krzysztof Miłachowski has started his professional career in the banking sector in 1995 initially gaining his experience in German capital holdings. He has been working with DNB Bank Polska since 2002. Initially, he held key managerial positions in the credit risk area. From 2007 Krzysztof Miłachowski has managed the Corporate Client Credit Risk Department. During the whole of his professional career in DNB Krzysztof Miłachowski has realized many risk-related project of strategic importance for both the banks, as well as DNB Group. Krzysztof Miłachowski graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics, he also completed the AMP program at IESE University of Navarra in Barcelona.

Marcin Prusak -
Member of the Management Board

Marcin Prusak has over 15-years of experience in the banking sector. Marcin started his professional career in Raiffeisen Bank Polska where he successfully executed structured finance transactions for clients from various industry sectors. In 2006 Marcin joined DNB Group. In DNB Bank Polska he was responsible mostly for the large corporate clients, as well as structured finance and project finance deals. During the implementation of comprehensive restructuring of the bank, Marcin had substantially contributed to the development of a new strategy based on the sector-focused specialization and in-depth integration with the DNB Group, and implemented this strategy in the corporate banking area in Poland.
Since 2013, as the Head of the Sector Desks Division, Marcin has been responsible for the development of business relations with large corporate clients and coordinated the activities of sector teams: TMT (telecoms, media, technology), Energy, Manufacturing and Foods, Retail and Services and Public Sector.
Marcin Prusak graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics. 
Wojciech Dyk –  Member of the Management Board

Wojciech Dyk has over 10-years’ experience in the area of consultancy and banking services. In 2006-2010 he has worked as a consultant in the Deloitte Business Consulting and McKinsey & Company. During that time Wojciech Dyk has been working in more than 10 countries for such international financial institutions as Deutsche Bank, Raiffeisen, ABN Amro, as well as for Polish banks: PKO BP and DnB NORD. He was involved in the project management of various business areas, among others: marketing, operations, risk management, PMO and IT. Since August 2010 Wojciech Dyk is working in DNB Bank Polska S.A. During this period he was the head of: Process Management and Quality Department; Operations Division; Strategy, Marketing and Product Development Department and recently also the Strategy, Controlling and Marketing Department and at the same time the Retail Banking Department.
Wojciech Dyk graduated from the Computing Faculty at the Poznań University of Technology in Poland. He completed the MBA Finance postgraduate studies with honors.

Supervisory Council

Composition of the Supervisory Council of DNB Bank Polska S.A.




  • Vidar Andersen - Supervisory Board President
  • Tony Samuelsen - Supervisory Board Vice President
  • Anders Grevstad - Supervisory Board Member
  • Jo Teslo - Supervisory Board Member
  • Leif René Hansen - Supervisory Board Member 
  • Jan Nosowski - Supervisory Board Member