Service Comfort

In response to clients’ expectations, the Bank focused on providing them with comfort in using iNORD Business service as an effective tool of communication with the Bank. Using the service is very simple and navigation is intuitive, because only such configuration ensures the full utility and satisfaction of the Bank’s clients. Comfort results from:

  • easy use of the service on the basis of an internet application without the necessity to install a specialist software 
  • automatic updates and extending the functionality of the service without additional costs, since all IT activities in relation to internet technology are conducted by the Bank
  • easy way of using the service – only username and password are required
  • easy way of managing and confirming the transaction by persons who in your company have such authorisation, without the necessity of additional contacts with the Bank
  • easy way of increasing the functionality of the service and its technical standard without the necessity to change the computer software,
  • full individualization of functionality settings, for example: shortcuts, report formats etc., and authorisations of the service users.


Exchange of data between iNORD Business and peripheral programmes


iNORD Business Internet banking system may be integrated into the financial and accounting system of the company or ERP-type system. Transfers prepared there may be imported to iNORD Business, where they are authorised and transferred to the Bank for realisation. The system is adjusted to the import of payments in the following formats:

  • PLI (domestic payments – MultiCash)
  • PLA (foreign payments – MultiCash)
  • IMP (domestic payments – Videotel)
  • IMP (foreign payments – Videotel)
  • text files, for example CSV – defined by users in relation to own needs


It is also possible to export in a similar way from our system an electronic statement (for example in a standard format SWIFT MT940 or file CSV), which is then imported to the financial and accounting system or ERP and there automatically posted. It saves time usually needed to copy large amount of data and decreases the risk of errors.
In each case our specialists help in adjusting suitable formats in cooperation with your employees as well as consultants of the financial and accounting or ERP software supplier.

We invite you to use our system. In case of questions you can call +48 (22) 531 39 39 or write

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